Employer's Resource Group
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Employer’s Resource Group, Inc. is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) registered and licensed in the State of Oklahoma.
ERG‘s PEO Services include: Payroll; Human Resource Administration; Medical, Dental, Vision Plans; Group and Voluntary Products; Section 125 Cafeteria Plan Administration.

The PEO responsibilities are divided between the Client as “Common Law Employer” and ERG as “Statutory Employer” as those terms are defined in the Internal Revenue Code 3401(d) and Treasury Regulation 31.3401 (d)-1.

  • Common Law Employer: The client continues to be the common law employer with respect to the employees for the purposes of unemployment taxes, retirement plans and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Statutory Employer: ERG assumes the role of the statutory employer with respect to the employees for purposes of payroll, taxes and benefits.

Benefits of joining a PEO:

  • … Why become a part of a PEO - “It lowers the costs for firms.” - Forbes
  • “…PEOs free up managers to focus on the business rather than on employment-related rules, regulations, and paperwork. To spend up to one-quarter of one’s time on employment-related paperwork is indeed a waste of precious, expensive, scarce resources.” – Harvard Business Review
  • “Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) deliver one comprehensive HR package that can be more cost-effective, efficient and robust than maintaining an in-house HR and benefits department and negotiating for competitive benefits piecemeal.” – Business Solutions

With ERG’s PEO it is a “1-stop shop”: payroll, human resources, employee benefits.